The Drinkable Pool Water System uses four powerful sanitation processes...patented natural oxygen process, copper ionization, ultraviolet sanitation, NSF-61 Certified 3-Stage Glass Filtration.  All Drinkable Pool Water Systems MUST be installed by an installer certified through Since Drinkable Pool Water is 100% chlorine free, no harmful chloramine gas (or chlorine odors) are generated.

10 November, 2019

Pool Builders Try to Keep Up With Massive Market Shift Away From Salt and Chlorine

Have you ever thought about why we use chlorine to sanitize our swimming pool water?  Maybe it's because it seems to attack everything it touches...everything.  Do you believe chlorine is good for your eyes or bad for your eyes?  Do you think that chlorine is good for your skin or bad for your skin?  And here is an even more important you believe your salt pool is chlorine free?  Many pool owners across the country are rejecting the idea that chlorine is the only way to achieve excellent swimming pool sanitation.  Instead, they are seeking out healthier, high-tech solutions and pool builders everywhere are trying to figure out the best way to deal with this ever growing trend.  The Drinkable Pool Water System delivers exactly what they are looking for.

10 November, 2018

The Best Swimming Pool Upgrade of 2020

The process you choose to use to sanitize your swimming pool water is more important than you might think.  Chlorine is great at killing bio-threats in the water but.....

14 December, 2018

Size Matters | Ecosmarte System vs Drinkable Pool Water System

Choosing between the Ecosmarte System and the Drinkable Pool Water System really comes down to two things...Are you more concerned about price or quality....

23 March, 2019

High-Tech Alternatives to Swimming Pool Salt Systems

Swimming pool salt systems have been around for two decades now.  The risks associated with human health and corrosion damage to pool structures and components...

14 February, 2019

3 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pool Builder

Do you offer no salt, no chlorine modern healthy sanitizers?  In 2020, at a minimum, your pool builder should offer a healthy alternative to sanitizing your pool without....

Key Benefits of the System

  • No More Burning Eyes or Irritated Skin

  • No More Color Faded Pool Liners

  • Prevents and May Even Reverse Plaster Scale

  • Pool Equipment Lasts Much Longer

Four Technologies in One System / One Control Panel

  • Titanium Oxygenation (AOP)

  • Copper Ionization (Residual)

  • HET-UV Technology

  • NSF-61 Certified 3-Stage Activated Glass Filtration

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